Care & Information


Sugarbombe cookie cutters are printed with ColorFab PLA filament, which is considered food safe. According to the FDA, food safety depends on the intended use of  the tool.  The intended use of Sugarbombe cookie cutters is for cutting dough that will be cooked at temperatures at or above 220° F.  The cookie cutters are not intended to come into contact with food or your mouth for extended periods of time, rendering them safe for use as a cutter for pre-cooked food.

Cleaning your cookie cutters

PLA becomes soft at 149 ºF and melts at 374 º F making our cutters unsafe for the dishwasher. Soak cutters in lukewarm water and a mild detergent to clean and rinse for 30 seconds under lukewarm water. Hand dry with a soft cloth. Soaking in a mild detergent , along with proper rinsing will reduce then risk of contamination by removing surface bacteria.